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Boe The Comedian

Two One-Man Shows, One Intelligent Twisted Comedian.

Boe is a Stand-up Comedian, a Sketch Writer, an Actor and Presenter.

Boe’s talent emerged from imitation and being a champion of verbal combat in the class room and on his block as a youth. This is just about the only occupation in which he can hold up his GCSE qualification of class clown and not be shown the door.

Boe was born the last of four children to Nigerian parents and grew up in Islington, North London. It was while studying for a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology at university that Boe would make his first foray into the world of stand-up comedy.

It was Boe’s mother’s terminal struggle with breast cancer which encouraged him to let go of his fears in life; inspiring him to take to the stage, this would later become the impetus for his first One-Man show, which was held in support of Breast Cancer Care.

Boe has performed in a range of arenas from live improvised sketch shows, a lead character in a Shakespearean street play interacting with members of the public, to theatre and film.

Boe has featured as a regular guest comedian and social commentator on the Vanessa Show Channel FIVE, Jeremy Vine Show BBC Radio 2, OHTV's Real Talk and a now imfamous series of episodes of Channel 4's Come Dine With Me.

Boe’s talent has seen him feature in Timeout, Evening Standard, The Voice, The Stage, London Lite, The London Paper, London Town and All in London (amongst others). Boe has quickly distinguished himself over the past few years as a comedian, with his intelligent twisted take on the world, creative delivery and fiery taste for hecklers.

Following two hugely successful One-Man comedy shows in 2009 at the Shaw Theatre and The Bloomsbury Theatre, as well as performing at most of London’s top comedy venues including Comedy Store, Jongleurs, Hackney Empire, Comedy Cafe and Choice FM (amongst many others), Boe The Comedian now looks set to become one of the brightest stars of comedy.

Boe's comedy shows have seen him entertain crowds with stand-up comedy and sketches with a host of dysfunctional characters, including an African dictator, an addict and a renegade employee; now that they have wedged the door open, who knows who or what will be allowed through next. Boe’s cheeky style of street and life observation and surreal imagination have made him the one to watch in 2011.

When Boe is on stage expect rib shattering laughter, inflicted by the self-styled ‘enemy of the stupid’.

The Finalist of Holsten Pils Comedy Tour can often be found hosting a variety of showcases around London and beyond as his ad-lib skills have made him a much sort after presenter and host.

Boe The Comedian has now taken over the airwaves with his very own comedy show on Voice of Africa Radio.


Boe has them regularly rolling in the aisles! - The Vanessa Show Channel FIVE

"Boe came, he saw and he conquered " - Dibi Choice FM

"Intelligent, but likes to distract others" - Mr Banbrook (Form Tutor)

“I had a choice of two professions comedian or traffic warden, I figured either way people would have to watch out for me.” - Boe















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